Historic Building, Masonry, & Casting Services

Offered by the premier historic restoration experts at Ganem Contracting Corp. serving clients throughout the Capital District and Upstate New York!

Masonry Restoration Services:
+ Brick rebuilding, pointing, and cleaning
+ Installing new, or resetting, granite, limestone, brownstone, bluestone, marble, and terra cotta
+ Patching or installing dutchmen in existing limestone, brownstone, bluestone, and terra cotta
+ Fabrication & installation of pre-cast concrete, GFRC or plaster to match architectural elements
+ Fabrication & installation of new cornice and coping stones
+ Joint caulking and installing new expansion joints
+ Installation of masonry and epoxy anchors for structural stabilization
+ Epoxy injection
+ Polymer modified cementitious concrete repair and patching
+ Waterproofing
After restoration work is complete, the restored areas should blend seamlessly into the building and not stand out. The goal is to match the original appearance. Not to have a patchwork of new areas set against old. At Ganem Contracting, we are experts at matching joint color and texture. We take the time to locate brick closest to the existing brick. Our masons are skilled at replicating historic detailing and we work with owners, architects, and engineers to achieve the desired results.
Masonry Restoration

Ganem Contracting Corp. specializes in historic masonry restoration. We repair and restore: Brownstone, Brick, Marble, Terra Cotta, Granite, Bluestone, and Limestone. Our masons will hand carve architectural details to match existing.

We are experts in matching color and joint type for repointing and all forms of caulking and joint repair. Ganem Contracting Corp. was a pioneer in safely cleaning historic buildings without sandblasting.

Concrete Rehabilitation & Protection

Successful concrete repair is based on determining the cause of the damage. Ganem Contracting Corp. believes in solving the root problem, not merely performing cosmetic repair.

Structural Stabilization

Ganem Contracting Corp. performs pressure grouting to stabilize concrete slabs and epoxy anchor installation for brick or stone veneer. Some of the services we provide are: Epoxy Injection, Polymer Modified Cementitious Concrete Repair, Waterproofing, and Caulking.

Cast Stone Repair

Ganem Contracting Corp. can repair or manufacture cast stone. We can replicate cast stone to match existing and repair cast stone in place.