Cast Stone Repair

Ganem Contracting Corp. has the ability to restore cast stone by each of the following methods: patching, installing a dutchman, or casting an entire new piece. We will perform the work according to the desire of the client or the architect. We take pride in working with design professionals to obtain a finished product that meets the goals of the entire project team..


Concrete Rehabilitaion

Concrete repair succeeds on determining the cause of the damage. Ganem Contracting Corp. believes in solving the root cause of the problem, not merely performing cosmetic repair. We take great care in performing the necessary prep work for a concrete repair to last over time. Improper prep work, which will not be discovered until it is too late, is the most common mistake made in concrete rehabilitation.


Masonry Restoration

Ganem Contracting specializes in historic masonry restoration. We repair and restore Brick, Granite, Brownstone, Limestone, Bluestone, Marble and Terra Cotta. Our masons have the ability to hand carve architectural details or replicate masonry elements made of brownstone, concrete, plaster or GFRC in our own casting shop. Since we do not subcontract out castings, we eliminate a frequent source of project delay. A mason responsible for the entire process from casting through installation takes pride ensuring the end result is exactly as it should be. Often the attitude of a pre-cast subcontractor is less than optimal.

Our masons are experts in matching color and joint type for repointing. Newly pointed joints should match in color, texture, aggregate and type of joint. Restored and untouched areas of a building should appear indistinguishable. The building should look the way the original builders intended the building to look. A building should look as if it had never been worked on.


Ganem Contracting Corp. performs all types of caulking and joint repair.

We specialize in safely cleaning masonry buildings. A common mistake is over cleaning. Contractors use too much chemical or water pressure and damage the fagade. Ganem Contracting Corp. takes great care in using the lowest pressure and least chemical necessary to achieve the desired result. We will never damage a soft or historic façade in our cleaning process.


Structural Stabilization

Each of our staff members is encouraged to participate in process improvement and is given the opportunity to do so via a formal suggestion program. Our staff is at the front lines of everything we do and as such are intimate with the needs of their area of assignment and the methods employed to address these needs. AAA Quality Maintenance employees and supervisory staff are offered monetary rewards for suggestions/ideas/proposals which can improve performance via enhanced methods, procedures, supplies, or equipment. While the value of these rewards vary, they never the less offer strong motivation to our staff to participate in the continued improvement of our services. As a result we are continually improving the quality and value of the services we offer. Employee ideas are treated very seriously and are explored on an individual basis. Those with merit are discussed in monthly joint “Process Improvement” meetings where formal testing and implementation plans are created. It is important to note that the employee generating the idea participates in this meeting and contributes to the resulting plan. In many cases the employee may even participate in the training and implementation of the improved process.


Ganem Facts

Ganem Contracting Corp. is fully insured and bonded. Our personnel consist of professional craftsman and administrators, dedicated and experienced in their work.


Our capabilities range from small short-term projects to intensive long-term undertakings.


Ganem Contracting Corp. was presented with the Award of Merit for Rehabilitation by the Eastern New York Chapter of the American Concrete Institute; the Mark of Excellence by the Capital District Masonry Institute; and Historic Albany Foundation's Recognition Award for this project.